• Solaire Stud Poker
  • Solaire Stud Poker

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  • Solaire Stud Poker

    • Solaire Stud Poker is a poker variation based on “five-card stud”. It is played with a single deck of cards, with players playing against the house rather than against each other. 

      Players also have the opportunity to wager on the Progressive Jackpot, which entitles them to qualify for the major jackpot.


      This is an additional side bet which enables the players to qualify for the progressive jackpot
      displayed on the monitor. The jackpot starts from having a Three of a Kind to the highest five-card rank in poker, which is the Royal Flush.

      How to Play
      1. Prior to the cards being dealt, players must place an Ante wager to participate in the game. At this time, an additional wager may be placed on the Progressive Jackpot.
      2. The jackpot wager is independent of the game, although to participate in the jackpot, players must have an Ante bet.
      3. Five cards are dealt to each Player and the Dealer face down, with the Dealer’s last card face up.
      4. Players pick up their cards and decide if they wish to Bet or Fold. Players are reminded that they are not permitted to talk or communicate with each other.
      5. If you think that your hand will beat the Dealer and you want to play the hand, you must make a Bet wager that is exactly double of your original Ante bet.
      6. If you do not want to play the hand, you must Fold by placing your cards face down on the table. The Dealer will take your cards and Ante bet.
      7. If the Dealer does not qualify (i.e. they do not have an Ace and King or better), all players’ Ante bets are paid even money, and all bets are stand-offs. The Dealer then checks for winning jackpot hands. 
      8. If the Dealer qualifies and your hand beats the Dealer, you are paid the appropriate odds for the Bet and even money for the Ante.
      9. Should the Dealer’s hand beat your hand, the Dealer shall take both your Bet and the Ante.
      10. Jackpots will be paid after your Bet and the Ante have been settled, subject to rules 7, 8, and 9.

      Payout Odds When Dealer Qualifies

      One Pair or less

      1 to 1

      Two Pairs

      2 to 1

      Three of a Kind

      3 to 1


      4 to 1


      5 to 1

      Full House

      7 to 1

      Four of a Kind

      20 to 1

      Straight Flush

      50 to 1

      Royal Flush

      100 to 1

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