• Lunar Poker
  • Lunar Poker

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  • Lunar Poker

    • Lunar Poker is a fun and exciting game that is easy to learn and play. It is a variation of Five Card Draw Poker, but with a few additional features that make it even more thrilling.

      How to Play
      1. To play Lunar Poker, players will first need to place an Ante and Super Bet.
      2. Once players have placed their bets, the Player and the Dealer will be dealt five cards each. The Player can then look at their cards and decide whether they want to stay in the game or fold.
      3. If the Player stays in the game, they have an option to exchange a minimum of 2 up to 5 of their cards for new cards to try and improve their hand. The cost of exchanging cards is 1x Ante. The Player can also choose to buy a sixth card for the cost of 1x Ante. 
      4. After the Player has had the opportunity to exchange or buy cards, they must decide whether to fold or play. If the Player folds, they will lose their Ante and Super Bet. If they want to play, the Player must place a Bet wager equivalent to 2x of their Ante.
      5. After the decision is made, the Dealer then reveals their cards.
      • If the Dealer qualifies, their hand is compared to each Player’s hand and whoever has the higher hand, wins. If they have the same hand, it will be considered a standoff.
      • If the Dealer does not qualify, all Players who are still in the game will get paid even money on their Ante bet. 
      • The Player also has the option to FORCE THE DEALER to try to qualify, wherein they must place an additional wager equal to the amount of their Ante wager. After collecting the FORCE THE DEALER wager, the Dealer will then remove the highest value card from the Dealer’s hand and replace this card with the next card from the deck in play.
      • If the Dealer still fails to qualify with Ace and King or higher, all Ante and Bet wagers will be considered a standoff and returned to the Players.
      • If the Dealer qualifies with Ace and King or better, the Dealer will then compare their hand to all the remaining hands in the game, and whoever has the highest hand wins. If they have the same hand, it will be considered a standoff.

      Super Bet Payouts



      Four of a Kind 

      250 to 1

      Same Colored Straight 

      150 to 1

      Full House 

      100 to 1


      60 to 1


      30 to 1

      Three of a Kind

      8 to 1


      6 to 1

      5 Same Coloured Cards 

      2 to 1

      Double Payouts

      Lunar Poker has a Double Payouts feature. This means that a winning player hand will be paid on a second poker combination on the same hand, even if it does not beat the dealer’s hand, as long as one card in the second poker combination is not in the winning first poker combination. 



      Ace and King 

      1 to 1

      1 Pair

      1 to 1

      2 Pairs 

      2 to 1

      3 of a kind 

      3 to 1


      4 to 1


      5 to 1

      Full House

      7 to 1

      4 of a Kind 

      20 to 1

      Straight Flush

      50 to 1

      Royal Flush

      100 to 1

      Instant Cash Payout

      Instant Cash Payout is a bonus feature with large payout if they have a Royal Flush or Straight Flush in their first five cards. To qualify for an Instant Payout, players must place an Ante and Super Bet and their first five cards must be a Royal Flush or Straight Flush.

      If a player has a Royal Flush or Straight Flush in their first five cards, they will be automatically paid the Instant Payout and their hand for that round of play is deemed completed and the dealer will then 
      collect their cards.



      Royal Flush 

      1000 to 1

      Straight Flush 

      200 to 1

      Progressive Jackpot Payout

      To bet on the Progressive Jackpot, you must place Ante and Super Bet. If the player’s hand qualifies for a Progressive Jackpot payout, it will be paid according to the amount displayed on the Progressive Jackpot Display.

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