• Pontoon Trilux Bonus
  • Pontoon Trilux Bonus

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  • Pontoon Trilux Bonus

    • Pontoon TriLux Bonus is similar to Blackjack but played with a TriLux side bet. The objective is to get higher points than the Dealer without exceeding 21. You do this by looking at the two cards you got:

      • Cards 2-9 are valued at the face value of the card
      • Face cards (King, Queen, and Jack) are valued at 10 each
      • Ace cards may be valued either at 11 or 1

      How To Play
      1. Play begins when the Dealer announces, "Place your bets, please."
      2. Players may place their bet on the corresponding betting area which includes a PAIR side bet. A winning PAIR is paid 11:1 when a Player’s first two cards are of the same rank.
      3. When the Dealer announces, “No more bets,” one (1) card will be dealt to each betting Player and one (1) card for the House. Dealer continues dealing a second card to each betting box.
      4. Dealer will immediately pay winning PAIR bets and hands with a Pontoon (Ace + King or Queen or Jack).
      5. Each Player will then decide to either: 
            A.    Surrender – surrender half of the original bet if the Dealer’s firstcard is Ace, King, Queen or Jack. 
            B.     Place an insurance bet – if House’s initial card is an Ace. 
            C.     Split – place an additional bet to split cards if the first two cards dealt to a Player are of the same value. 
            D.     Double Down – place an additional bet equal to or less than their original wager (but not less than the table minimum) on the first two cards dealt to them and receive one card only. 
            E.     Hit – take one or more additional cards to get closer to 21. 
            F.     Stand – keep the total score of their hand.
      6. The Dealer then completes their hand. If a Player’s hand is higher than the Dealer’s hand without busting (over 21) or the Dealer hand busts, that Player wins.




      3 to 2

      5 cards totaling 21

      3 to 2

      6, 7, 8 mixed suits

      3 to 2

      7, 7, 7 mixed suit

      3 to 2

      6, 7, 8 same suit 
      (except spades)

      2 to 1

      7, 7, 7 same suit 
      (except spades)

      2 to 1

      6 cards totaling 21

      2 to 1

      7, 7, 7 all spades

      3 to 1

      6, 7, 8 all spades

      3 to 1

      7 or more cards totaling 21

      3 to 1

      All other winning wagers

      1 to 1

      Super Bonus Payout Odds

      When a Player has 7-7-7 of the same suit and the Dealer's first card is a 7 of any suit, they win the Super Bonus, which pays out according to the following:

      • Wagers of 999 or less will win 30,000
      • Wagers of 1,000 or greater will win 100,000

      If a round of play has a Super Bonus winner, all other original wagers (regardless if winning or losing) will be eligible to receive a bonus payment of 1,000.

      Pontoon Trilux Bonus Sidebet

      Pontoon TriLux Bonus is an exciting variant of the regular Pontoon game, an optional side bet based on the Player’s first two cards and the Dealer’s first card that will form the best three-card combination. Prior to the first card being dealt by the Dealer, each Player may place an additional wager on the TriLux Bonus wager betting area. If the Three Card Poker hand is a Flush or better, the wager wins and is paid out according to the pay table below:



      Mini Royal A, K, Q 

      100 to 1

      Straight Flush

      35 to 1

      Three of a Kind

      25 to 1


      10 to 1


      4 to 1

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