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  • King Fortune Jackpot

    • Win up to 3 MILLION Bonus Peso in this royal search!

      June 10 to 28, 2024
      Mondays to Fridays
      8:00 PM to 12:00 MN
      Solaire Rewards Diamond and Ruby Members 
      Priority Hour: 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

      Promo Date

      Gaming Points Earning Period


      June 10, 6:00AM to 11:50PM


      June 11, 6:00AM to 11:50PM


      June 12, 6:00AM to 11:50PM


      June 13, 6:00AM to 11:50PM


      June 14, 6:00AM to 11:50PM


      June 17, 6:00AM to 11:50PM


      June 18, 6:00AM to 11:50PM


      June 19, 6:00AM to 11:50PM


      June 20, 6:00AM to 11:50PM


      June 21, 6:00AM to 11:50PM


      June 24, 6:00AM to 11:50PM


      June 25, 6:00AM to 11:50PM


      June 26, 6:00AM to 11:50PM


      June 27, 6:00AM to 11:50PM


      June 28, 6:00AM to 11:50PM

      HOW TO JOIN 

      1. This promotion is open to all Solaire Rewards members. 
      2. Gain entries by earning Gaming points during the points earning period.
      • 1st Earned Entry: 1 Gaming point
      • 2nd Earned Entry: 100 Gaming points
      • 3rd Earned Entry: 300 Gaming points
      • 4th Earned Entry: 800 Gaming points
      • 5th Earned Entry: 1,500 Gaming points

      3. Print your tickets at any kiosk at least ten (10) minutes before 12:00 MN of each promotion day.

      4. Proceed to Pit 9 and present your kiosk ticket to the Solaire Rewards representative to start playing at participating tables.


      1. Participants will play the King’s Fortune game. The playing card deck used will contain only King cards of different suits.
      2. The Dealer will deal four (4) cards face up in the center of the table. These are community cards and will be shared by all players in the table.
      3. Prizes will be awarded depending on how many King of Spades are in 4 community cards, with 4 King of Spades being the highest possible combination.
      4. If 4 Kings of Spades are visible, the 3 Million Bonus Peso will be equally divided among the players in the table. 3 Kings of Spades and below will award a Bonus Peso amount to each player.